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ICRTouch is the UK's leading EPoS software provider, with over 50,000 installs nationwide. We craft and continually enhance a host of Point of Sale products to make your business run more easily and efficiently.


At ICRTouch,  they know that every business is different and we design feature rich EPoS Systems which offer unparalleled flexibility and can be configured to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.


We are confident that we have an EPoS solution that is perfect for your business. We combine skilled programmers with expert local knowledge, to make certain our customers get the most from our ground-breaking state-of-the art EPoS software.


ICR began life in Newport on the Isle of Wight (off the south-coast of England). ICR started out by making tills: the critical hardware that keeps businesses running smoothly. The company's first product was released in 1980, 5 years after Altair introduced the world to its first portable computer and in the same year the iconic Sinclair ZX80 was launched. In a burgeoning technological market, ICR forged strong relationships with the power-houses Casio, Sharp and Sanyo.


Over the next 17 years ICR gained a wealth of experience working with hospitality, catering and retail business-owners and their employees. Armed with a thorough knowledge of what firms demand from their tills and ideas on how to make business better, ICR made the decision to launch an EPoS software solution of its own.


The popular flagship product TouchPoint was released in 1999. It proved such a success that ICRTouch was launched as a specialist software design company in its own right. A very friendly and relatively small firm, nowadays we sell unique, problem-solving EPoS software systems via 300 dealers in the UK and in Europe. We provide software solutions for touch screen tills and point of sale handheld devices.