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Need a way to accurately price, locate and identify products in your business? Our diverse range of fully customisable scanning systems allow you to use a barcode system, maintain up-to-date pricing and improve customer transactions. Our barcode scanners are capable of storing up to 65,000 products and we offer a range of budget options as well as complete training and technical support.

Incorporate a fast and convenient retail system

- Hand-held budget scanners

- Multi directional laser scanners

- 5,000 - 65,000 product capacity

- Stock control software

- Touch screens

- Complete software training

Include a range of helpful features

We offer all top brands of POS scanners and even offer budget-friendly refurbished equipment. Call us for a no obligation quote and take advantage of our convenient options such as 12-month warranties, discounts for multiple buys, complete training and ongoing technical support.

Options for all business types, barcode systems and budgets

For a new and convenient retail scanning system, call

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We can incorporate your hand-held scanners with state-of-the-art cash registers as well as an accurate EPoS system and convenient stock control software. We offer customisable programming and a range of equipment to suit all business types. Call us to learn more about the products that will work best for your business.

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