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Don't lose business or money with a disorganised stock room - we offer easy-to-use and accurate software for recording stock balances, monitoring orders and identifying areas for growth or improvement. Our software is designed specifically for you, customised to suit the operations of your business and provide all information necessary to running a smooth and profitable business.

Improve organisation and control stock

Our software allows you to access reports on sales, finances, records for various departments and clerk transaction histories. Keep track of incoming and outgoing stock, avoid double orders and access current business analytics.

Monitor your business with accurate reports

Our bespoke stock control programmes are customised to the specifics of your business. Take advantage of features like:

- Easy and simple menus and navigation

- ICR touch software

- Analytics, stock control and tools for maximising sales

- Inbuilt training modes

- Point of Sale systems for retail and hospitality

- Hand scanners

Special features and options add convenience

Monitor and analyse your sales and stock with convenient stock control software.

01752 395 012

Our simple and clean stock control software is designed to require minimal training, but we do provide a complete training service to be sure you take advantage of all benefits included in your programming. We also offer ongoing technical support to keep your business running smoothly.

Complete training and ongoing support

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